Ball of The Year – the story

What is the time? What are the days?
The secret story of the time is a secret ball that rolls on a plane, and every time the ball hits a diamond, a new day will come on Earth. So keep rolls the ball and collect diamonds to bring a new day on Earth.
There are 12 balls, each with different features. You can choose your perfect ball, but first, you should unlock them.
You’ll start your fantastic journey with five lives, but you can collect more during the play.
If you lose all five lives, you’ll keep your level if you have 1000 coins to pay to the God Of Time. If you don’t have 1000 coins to pay, you’ll lose five diamonds, so you’ll go back five levels.
Some of the boxes have secrets features inside like rain, snow, wind, or freezing. Others give you life or death. You’ll see the powerup rotating above the boxes, so you’ll know what box to smash or what box to avoid.

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